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you recive quick service, efficiency and occidental quality, offered by our agents, whom are able to speak perfect English, French, German and Hungarian.

Long term rentals social

Long term rentals!

Since 2007, our offer includes the long term car rental possibility. Many advantages were quickly understood and adopted primarily by large companies. Subsequently, smaller firms or start-ups (in which case financial leasing option was excluded) have adopted this unique method to benefit from new cars to agents, employees or the management, regardless of the needs (temporary unavailability of one or more cars, accident cars stuck in service).

Some of the advantages of long term rental:

1. Rate / monthly rent is a deductible expense in full at the time of registration (linear depreciation against the credit / financial leasing). Monthly rent paid is negotiated at the beginning of the contract. This rate includes road tax, mandatory insurance and full-casco insurance (with franchise/event earlier negotiated contract)

2. Financing ability of the company remains untouched. The rented cars wont be recorded in the accounting of the company.

3. Contract award is immediate, you do not have to go through receipts to prove the company you represent.

4. Car maintenance must be carried out by our company throughout the contract. Regular exchanges of oil, filters, tires, supplies, all this must be carried out by us.

5. Contracts may be canceled at any time of the contract in advance.

6. Exchange vehicle is available in case of accidents or other mechanical problems.

Important info

Rent warranty varies depending on car type (between 300-600 EUR)

* week: monday 12.00 o'clock - next monday 12.00 o'clock
* weekend: friday 12.00 o'clock - monday 12.00 o'clock

The displayed prices include VAT, TPL and CDW. Also included is the unlimited milage fee. The pictures are represenatative, Equippment, engine size or color may be different.