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General Terms and Conditions for Renting a Vehicle

Overall Terms: The person who rents a vehicle, called Client, has to read the following Rental Agreement and approve it by signing it. Breaking the terms of this rental agreement or if false information was provided will give the right to the company to end the rental period before the agreed drop-off date and hour. The Client is liable for all Damages and costs caused to the rented vehicle or by any drivers not named in this contract if he don’t purchased one of locatal protections and must be paid directly by you, in full, prior to leaving Romania and you may file for reimbursement from your provider. The Company reserves the right to refuse a rental or to extend the rental period. The sections of this Agreement also includes the information on the first page and other additional documents(ex:pick-up/drop-off report). Any modification/adjustment made to this Rental Agreement must be made in written and signed by both parties.

Forms Of Payment: The main driver must be in possession of a Credit Card in their own name, valid Passport or ID and driver’s license when picking up de car. The card will also be required to pay for local fees, extra equipment and anything purchased additionally. Cash and Debit Card are accepted if local protection was accepted at the counter. Accepted credit cards are Visa and Mastercard

Rental Period: the period between the agreed Date and Hour of pick-up and the agreed Date and Hour of Drop-off. With the written consent of the Company, with at least 24 hours ahead of initial drop-off, the rental period can be extended, meaning that the new Drop-off Date and Hour are the ones extended. Extension or late returns which was not announced 24h prior to the date and time of drop-off wil be subjected to 100 € penalty along with the rental fee for the extended days of rental. Dropping-off the car in another location must be communicated with at least 12 hours ahead and will be charged with 1 €/km as Dislocation. The company has the right to monitor the vehicle by remote electronic monitoring tools, has the right to locate, stop and recover the vehicle used outside the Romanian territory.

Please Note: it is your responsibility to return the vehicle in the same state as when you collected, also clean inside and outside, otherwise you will pay a cleaning tax of 15 euro. Please be aware that all cars have a non-smoking policy. 100 € fine will apply if this policy is not adhered to. 60 € will apply if the vehicle needs more than a standard washing procedure for beautifying to restore it to its pre-rental condition.

Please Note: It is the client’s responsibility to pay all bridge and highway fees (ex: the toll Fetesti on A2) and submit proof of payment at the return of the car, otherwise they will incur a penalty of 100 euros (fine Fetesti bridge crossing fee for both ways). The client authorises the lessor to deduct the cost of any charges and fees from the holding deposit. If the deposit is insufficient or has been returned to the client, then last one hereby authorises the company to charge the balance or full cost of any paid charges and fees to the same credit/debit card as used for the payment of the vehicle together with an administration fee of 20 for each and every unpaid offence incurred.

Responsabilities of Company: to provide operational vehicle according to the manufacturer’s recomendations. If vehicle is not in good working conditions (stated by an authorized mechanic or not according to the manufacturer’s manual; the client’s personal opinion or preferance is not included – for example the Client thinks that the car runs too slow) Company will suply another similar vehicle within 48 hours. If Company does not suply another vehicle, then it will return the Client’s money for the remaining rental period. Company is not responsible for damages and losses given to problems that are not in there control or blame and responsabilities in case of: accusation and costs (including legal ones)that are not covered by the products mentioned in this Agreement.

Responsabilities of Client: has to verify the vehicle before picking-up and driving it and take care of all legal documents of the car (in duplicate or original state, depending of the need of use). Besides the natural working damages of the vehicle, the Client will be responsible for any damages suffered during the rental period and will cover any repairing costs(no matter who is guilty) and financial damages suffered by Company because of the repairing the vehicle (for example losing other booking agreements). The damages suffered by Company because of the repair will be equal to the normal rental fee assigned to the rental period in which the car is not being used. Also, the client will cover all the administrative costs of the damages and will notify as soon as possible regarding the loss of the vehicle, damages or problems to it. If further damages are to appear, the Client is not allowed to use the vehicle without permission.


Non Stop Call center nr: +40748234709


Important info

Rent warranty varies depending on car type (between 300-600 EUR)

* week: monday 12.00 o'clock - next monday 12.00 o'clock
* weekend: friday 12.00 o'clock - monday 12.00 o'clock

The displayed prices include VAT, TPL and CDW. Also included is the unlimited milage fee. The pictures are represenatative, Equippment, engine size or color may be different.